"Bob is more than a master storyteller. He is also a master story-listener, discoverer and creator. He finds stories everywhere he goes. But maybe it’s the stories that actually find Bob. I was looking for a mentor to help bring my story out into the world and Bob showed up. He has been expertly guiding my next BIG dream by pulling out my story, my voice. I asked for rudder to help steer me in the right direction. With Bob I got the whole craft."

Peter Menice Editorial Cartoonist

"Very impressive facilitation Bob! You always seemed to have the right quote, story, or poem to offer when someone needed  affirmation or clarification . How did you just whip those things seemingly out of the air? I know you prepared thoroughly, it was evident. But your ability to move off the grid when the particular moment called for it, and then bring us back home was very powerful. Your listening is acute. You hear the sub-text. I truly felt heard."

Linda Rodeck-Action Theater Teacher

"Bob Kanegis spent a week interviewing our staff and clients with the goal of strengthening both internal and external relationships and communication.  His culminating workshop demonstrated in a very accessible way how everyone from management to laborers  are connected to each other for their individual and our company's success. Years later we still have staff who talk about how valuable that experience  was.  Bob is a master of listening  empathy, communication and connection. He brings people together.

Lou Truesdell-Owner

American Soil and Stone

"The ways in which your storytelling and public participatory activities, affected all the participants, from school children, and park visitors to the diplomats, to those behind the scenes, will be playing themselves out in untold ways in the future.  Thanks for helping to create such a diverse community."  

Mia Monroe-Park Ranger and Community Liason. 

National Park Service

Bob Kanegis is not only the consummate storyteller but a great guide to others on how they can bring their own stories to life. In my case, Bob’s encouragement and guidance to incorporate my personal experiences into my story enabled me to publish my first book. Bob helps unveil the story you have within you.

Jim Hamilton-Author of WAVES